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NICHE MARKETING: Choosing your crash NICHE

Welcome to NicheMama.com

So you have decided to jump on Niche Marketing and you have chosen the right path to be here.

Where ever you are, online or offline, choosing the right Niche is first Step of the successful career.


Be patiente and continue with our guidelines, you dont have to surf all the web to catching the desire fish on your net.


If you are beginer, you dont have to turn back somewhere else to start, or if you are already in the market you will find something handful for your Niche Market here.


Our honest goal is to deliver some true guide line to learn the NICHE MARKETING.

“to learn”, you thought we did mistake, it should be “to teach” – well we used the right word, its “to learn”. We are learning even from you to let you learn.


Did you heard the gold mining? How they select the right spot and dig for gold.


If you continue with us, we will show you the right path to select right niche. Right niche, what do you think steve jobs would be if he were not choosing his Technology Niche or bill gates if not were with microsoft?


Where you are right now, while reading this article? Where ever you are In the bus, station, airport, classroom, office,  park, bedroom, hospital, home or in the shop just look around you will see the Niche every where. We will show you how to select right niche which you may convert as “the duck who gives golden egg”.

 Be in the

right path of the journey of NICHE MARKETING, you don't have to go far away to select spot for gold,  Learning will give you “the duck who gives golden egg”.


Let me tell you a story, i was may be 4th or 5th grade in school that time, i joined junior scout team. Scout teacher teaches us a lot of things like gardening, how to clean your society, respect your parents, seniors, help poor, how to knot. One day scout teacher tells us about how to keep clean your sourrounding of home by cleaning unnecessary plants. I was so inspired by teachers speech. After school i came back home and  just being so excited i start cleaning surrounding of my home.

There was a small garden of my mom. There were some flower and herbs plant, i thought i should help my mom to cleaning her garden. So i start cleaning and cut all her herbs plant which i didn't recognize, i cut those plants and through it away. When my mom saw i ruined her garden...... oh.. don't tell any body, you heard some sound of slapping..


 So what did you learn from the story?

Whatever you hear, clean your ear and hear clearly, whatever you learn, learn completely.

 Our kind of step by step guide will gives you answer for what

is niche? What is niche market? What is niche marketing? What is niche marketing technique? How to choose right niche? How to convert niche into profit? How to define niche marketing strategy ?

We call this Practical Guide.

NICHE MARKETING- not a easy way

if you think, it would be a easy way, my friend, i would say, you are very much wrong. Its not an easy task to be success in this sector. You have to walk long way to get the goal.

We will show you the right way to reach your goal.


Many sub-niches under  a parent niche

Investigate the Category Electronics, what you will see under the classification? Whole electrical items on the planet like TV, Fridge, Computer, Mobile to an ever increasing extent .


On the off chance that you investigate the "Web Marketing", There are many sub Niches, for example, Search Engine Marketing, Social Marketing, PPC Marketing, Google AdWords, Content Marketing and some more.

Over saturation of a niche / Truth about the Niche Market

Niche market has grown up and  become one of the primary ways to market over the last few years. There are many people who are realize that Internet marketing is becoming over saturated with marketers and their products. This is why its become tough to earn profit from the large Internet marketing market. Those who are just beginar to the Internet marketing world will have an even harder time breaking through into the Internet marketing market because there are many established Internet marketers who have very loyal customer bases that trust those specific marketers and their products.

You can discover NICHEs from anywhere, from every market

Alot of digital marketers making handsome income by choosing right NICHEs. They work with many NICHEs even some not related to each other. They do necessary research to define if the NICHE is profitable, if the NICHE MARKET have product/Service they can supply to target audience.

Research, Research and Research to select right NICHE

You can broken down any market into smaller markets by way of the product/Service, the target market. The secret key is to find out which needs are not being satisfied by suppliers that are already there. OR provide a influencing offer that niche target market will be excited to purchase .

Enter into almost unlimited number of niche markets, and more appearing every day, niche marketing will likely not become saturated anytime soon.

Choose right tools

What do you think, you can win the fight against sword with a bamboo stick. You and i can’t stand against the competitor, but if its Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, they can fight with any thing against anything.

Choose right tools to select your NICHE, KeyWord research, SEO, Website building, to target right audience for your right product.


Know your society / Build community in your industry

As you have define to be digital marketer, know who are already in the market. Find the successor, how they perform to be success.

Niche Marketing: to select your crash NICHE, click the button below to start.

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